Spellbound by image making from an early age, I love the entire process surrounding a visual creative production. Be it a client brief or my own project, everything starts with an idea – and pulling everything together pre-production to tweaking a lighting set-up to delivering shiny post-produced final imagery to happy clients, having fully visualised that idea, never gets old.  

I especially love capturing split-second movement and often use sound & motion triggers paired with high-speed lighting to produce energetic & playful imagery encompassing drinks, food items, cosmetics & beauty as well as luxury accessories.

I founded So-Studio in 2020 to offer a complete visual creative service to clients. From concept development & creative direction to set-design/build, styling & post-production; So-Studio is able to deliver a complete shoot from scratch. We work with a network of super-talented freelancers so are able to accommodate projects of any size at short notice.

When not working on a commission I can usually be found in the studio tinkering with new lighting set-ups whilst getting the low-down on Roblox & TikTok by my 2 daughters.      

If you’re planning new creative work I’d love to help.

– Thomas Rohde